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Cyber Cafe West is a coffee shop and bar on the west side of Binghamton, at 176 Main Street. As the name implies, it does have wi-fi access, but that is far from it's primary attraction. It is also a live music venue several nights a week, and has trivia on Monday nights. With comfortable couches scattered around more formal tables, you can find a place to hide out to do work, or a place to sit together with a large group of friends.


In addition to an extensive selection of beer and wine, CCW has a variety of coffee and italian soda flavorings available. The food menu consists primarily of a wide selection of wraps and salads. A selection of pies and cakes are generally available for dessert.


A wrap with tortilla chips on the side will typically run in the $6-7 dollar range. Add in a beer and a dessert and it is easy to run through $20 in a night. There is rarely a cover for the music, although tips are suggested for the artist. If you go for the music, you might want to bring another $10-20 to pick up a CD.


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